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Money being collected and traded and transferred online every day , but is it possible to find a coin on the internet and only have value in the reality of our lives? This is the idea of ​​Pitcoin a currency system default open source has grown since 2009 to become a market value in excess of $100 million .

But the past few weeks have shown that the default currency may be at risk , as is the case with paper currencies . The accounts were “ Petkoan “ vulnerable to piracy and theft , and saw the same currency instability followed by a collapse .

And decided one institution , at least , was gathering donations Pal “ BTC Millionaire“ Do not use this currency because of the possibility of falling into legal problems , according to a report published by the London-based Middle East .
Said Gavin Anderson , a leading developer of open source software , which manages the currency , said in an interview from his home in Amherst , Massachusetts : “ I expected to show a lot of obstacles along the way, but I did not expect this much of successive obstacles .”

There are a lot of attractions in the idea of ​​a currency on the Internet. And adopt the best way to ensure the safety of electronic transactions , according to Jerry Brito , technical expert at George Mason University , on the existence of an intermediary saves notebooks, achieved through a service such as “ PayPal “ or company cards credit take a percentage of the transaction.

BTC Millionaire And do not need to default currency broker , also make it difficult for authorities to trace transactions ( This is a magnet for special gambling sites or other quasi-legal activities ) .

And began bitcoin an experiment of thought , and in 2009 , he published a programmer unknown paper suggested that the virtual currency solved many of the problems that surround the currency exist on the Internet only , including the main currency , that is copied money , such as music files , for example , and retreats in value.

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